Why Choose OrbeSoft?

Here's A Brief Features Overview

Server Software

We provide the Orbesoft server software that will support your mobile devices and handle integration (communications) with your host systems and/or databases.

Support & Updates

We pride ourselves on professional and timely support. If you have any pre-sales questions or need any help, don’t hesitate to ask.

Server Database

You may supply the database such as Microsoft SQL or we can utilize MySQL. Either way the system will leverage the robustness of a true client server relational database. Other databases may be support via ODBC connectivity.

Remote Installation

All systems come with our remote installation services.  You sit back and relax while we install the server, developer and configure the components to work with your systems.  We do this day in and day out and we are good at it.

Terminal Support

We provide support tools and services that enable us and you (should you like) to support your mobile computers.

Visual Development Studio

We supply and utilize our own visual development studio.  This software is used to script automated workflow and layout mobile forms and information screens.


We can provide mobile computer hardware or use yours. Our requirements are simple.  Units may be supported via telnet (VT100, VT200) or we will provide a graphical client for windows mobile operating systems.

Label Integration

We can integrate into popular label design and printing software packages such as Loftware. Your mobile computers will be able to initiate printing labels real-time as can the workflow that cant integrate with other systems may have.

Excel Integration

If you install Microsoft Office (Excel) on the server hosting Orbesoft server, we can integrate with it.  Orbesoft can read, write, email and print spread sheets. The possibilities are endless!

Control Data Source

With the OrbeSoft graphical client, you can control and identify data that comes from a barcode versus the keyboard. This can bring a new level of data integrity into your software.

WIndows Server

Orbesoft server software runs on current Windows server and workstation operating systems. this includes virtualized servers as well.

Multiple Layouts

Orbesoft supports multiple device screen sizes. Projects can take advantage of additional screen real-estate when available. This includes our Windows PC client.

What you get in the “box”


Orbesoft Server software
Orbesoft Visual Development Studio
Orbesoft Graphical Windows Client(s)
Orbesoft Graphical Windows Mobile Client(s)
Orbesoft Server Control
Orbesoft Terminal Support
Installation and Support Services

A Complete System